Infosys Ltd (INFY) Dividend History & Dividend Yield Analysis for 2023

Infosys Ltd - INFY - Market Position

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Infosys Ltd. (INFY) presents a unique proposition for dividend investors: a robust Indian IT player offering a steady, albeit modest, dividend alongside exposure to the high-growth tech sector. While not a high-yielding option like some, INFY's consistent track record, strong financial health, and focus on shareholder returns can still attract income-oriented investors seeking diversification.

Infosys Ltd - INFY - Current Market Data

Infosys Ltd - INFY - Business Overview

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Infosys is a leading global IT consulting and services company providing a wide range of solutions, including business process outsourcing, application development, cloud computing, and digital transformation. They cater to a diverse clientele across various industries, including finance, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing. Infosys holds a significant market share in the Indian IT services industry and boasts a strong global presence with operations in over 50 countries. Their mission statement is "To be a globally respected professional services company that helps our clients achieve their strategic objectives by providing innovative IT solutions and services, delivered through a collaborative approach." Core values include client focus, innovation, and sustainability.

Business Model:

Infosys generates revenue primarily through fixed-price contracts and time-and-material engagements with clients. They also offer managed services and consulting engagements. Key partners include technology vendors, cloud providers, and other IT service providers. Infosys maintains a diversified revenue stream with significant contributions from segments like digital transformation, cloud services, and core IT services.

Industry Competition:

Infosys faces competition from other major IT services companies like Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Accenture, Cognizant, and Wipro. Recent industry trends include the rise of automation and artificial intelligence, increasing demand for cloud computing solutions, and growing focus on digital transformation.

Competitive Advantages:

Infosys' key strengths include:
  • Strong global presence and delivery capabilities: They have a large network of skilled professionals across the globe, enabling them to serve clients effectively.
  • Focus on innovation: Infosys invests heavily in research and development, constantly innovating to offer cutting-edge solutions to clients.
  • Client-centric approach: They prioritize building strong relationships with clients and understanding their specific needs.
  • Strong financial performance: Infosys maintains a healthy balance sheet and consistently delivers strong financial results.

Management Team:

Salil Parekh heads INFY as CEO, bringing over three decades of experience in the IT industry. The leadership team comprises seasoned professionals with diverse expertise in technology, finance, and operations. They hold a proven track record of navigating market shifts and driving profitable growth.

Financial Performance:

Infosys has demonstrated consistent financial performance in recent years, with steady revenue growth, healthy profitability, and strong cash flow generation. In FY23, the company reported revenue of $18.55 billion and net income of $3.39 billion. However, the current economic climate poses potential headwinds for future performance.

Investment Thesis:

Reasons to Invest:
  • Reliable dividend payments: Infosys boasts a 13-year history of consecutivedividend increases, offering income to investors.
  • Exposure to the growing IT sector: As a leader in the IT services industry, Infosys stands to benefit from increasing global demand fordigital solutions.
  • Strong financial health: The company maintains a healthy balance sheet and strong cash flow generation, providing stability for dividend payments.
  • Diversification benefits: Adding Infosys to your portfolio provides exposure to the IT sector and a geographically diverse company.
Potential Risks and Concerns:
  • Modest dividend yield: Compared to some other dividend stocks, Infosys' yield is around 3%, which may not be attractive for yield-chasing investors.
  • Currency fluctuations: Infosys' exposure to the Indian rupee exposes dividends to potential fluctuations due to currency movements.
  • IT industry headwinds: The IT services industry faces competitive pressures and economic uncertainties, impacting potential future dividend growth.
  • Limited dividend track record: While consistent in recent years, Infosys' overall dividend history is shorter than some established dividend-paying companies.


Infosys presents a compelling option for dividend investors seeking a combination of stability, moderate income, and exposure to the IT sector. The dividend is reliable, financials are strong, and growth potential exists. However, those seeking high yields or rapid dividend growth may find other options more suitable. Consider Infosys as part of a diversified portfolio for long-term income and potential capital appreciation alongside the growing tech landscape. Always conduct your own research and consult with a financial advisor before making investment decisions.

INFY Dividend Analysis

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Section Details

INFY Dividend Data

Infosys Ltd. (INFY) has a forward annual dividend of $0.43 per share, with dividends paid semi-annually. The last ex-dividend date was October 24, 2023.

INFY Dividend Yield

The dividend yield for INFY has been noted to be approximately 2.11% to 2.22%, offering investors a stable income relative to the stock's market price.

INFY Dividend History

Infosys has maintained a regular dividend payout, showcasing growth with an increase in dividend amount by 6.24% over the past year, indicating a commitment to returning value to shareholders.

INFY Dividend Payout & Dividend Payout Ratio

The payout ratio for INFY stands at approximately 60.44%, demonstrating a balance between distributing earnings as dividends and reinvesting back into the company.

INFY Dividend Stability & Growth

With a consistent history of dividend payouts and a forward payout ratio that suggests a sustainable policy, INFY exemplifies both dividend stability and potential for growth.

INFY Chart

INFY Comparative Analysis

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Infosys (INFY) TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) Wipro

Industry Focus

IT Services, Consulting, Outsourcing IT Services, Consulting, Digital Solutions IT Services, Consulting, Business Process Services

Current Yield

2.23% 1.68% 0.19%

Price-to-Earnings Ratio (P/E)

27.13 33.15 24.55

Investment Strategy

Digital transformation, AI, Cloud Deep industry insights, innovation-led growth Comprehensive IT solutions, strategic acquisitions

Technology Stocks



Technical Analysis

Additional Considerations

When considering the attractiveness of Infosys Ltd (INFY) as a dividend-paying stock, it's essential to delve into various factors that could influence its future dividend payouts and overall investment value. Infosys Limited, a prominent player in the IT sector, has a history of distributing dividends, including interim and annual dividends, that contribute to its reputation among the best dividend stocks. The dividend yield of Infosys, along with its ADR dividend and consistent dividend payout ratio, offers a glimpse into the company's financial health and its ability to generate income for shareholders. However, the ex-dividend dates and the dividend calendar are critical for investors to monitor to ensure they qualify for the next dividend payout in March 2024 or beyond. While the dividend history of Infosys Ltd over the last 10 years showcases a pattern of dividend increases, potential investors should consider the broader economic and sector-specific risks, including changes in tax rates, currency fluctuations affecting ADR dividends, and the company's ability to maintain its earnings per share in a competitive cloud computing and digital transformation landscape.

Additional considerations include the market's perception of INFY's dividend sustainability, influenced by its payout ratio, share price volatility, and the broader equity market trends. Given that dividends are paid out of the company's earnings, the payout ratio—a metric dividing dividends by the company’s earnings per share—provides an estimate of how much money the company is returning to shareholders versus reinvesting. Investors should also be mindful of the Indian market's regulatory environment, as Infosys is an Indian-based global entity, and any regulatory changes or economic shifts in its home country could impact its ability to distribute dividends. The history of Infosys Ltd’s dividend performance, coupled with a prudent examination of the dividend payers in related ETFs and mutual funds, offers a broader view but not a guarantee of future gains. As with all investments, past performance is not indicative of future results, and investing in INFY, whether directly or through depository receipts, requires a comprehensive analysis beyond its current yield and consecutive years of dividend payment.