Coterra Energy - CTRA Dividend Overview: Stock Analysis, Dividend Payout Ratio, and Dividend History for 2024

Coterra Energy - CTRA - Market Position

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CTRA Coterra Energy Inc. Stock / Equity Energy Oil & Gas E&P Value Quarterly United States

Coterra Energy Inc. (CTRA) is a leading independent oil and natural gas company with a strong focus on generating attractive returns for its shareholders. One of the key factors that make CTRA an attractive investment option is its commitment to paying attractive dividends.

CTRA has a solid track record of rewarding its shareholders with consistent dividend payments. The company's strong cash flow generation, driven by its diversified portfolio of high-quality assets and efficient operations, has enabled it to maintain a sustainable dividend policy. Additionally, CTRA has demonstrated a commitment to growing its dividends over time, with several dividend increases in recent years. This dividend growth not only provides investors with a steady stream of income but also reflects the company's confidence in its future prospects. As the energy industry continues to evolve, CTRA's focus on operational excellence, disciplined capital allocation, and commitment to sustainability position it well to capitalize on emerging opportunities, further strengthening its ability to sustain and potentially increase its dividend payments in the years to come.

Coterra Energy - CTRA - Current Market Data

Coterra Energy - CTRA - Business Overview

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Section Information


  • Business: CTRA explores, develops, and produces crude oil, natural gas, and natural gas liquids in the United States.
  • Target Market: CTRA primarily targets institutional investors and income-oriented individuals seeking high dividend yields and long-term capital appreciation.
  • Market Share: CTRA is a major independent oil and gas producer in the United States, with a significant market share in the Permian Basin and other key producing regions.
  • Mission Statement: To deliver long-term shareholder value through responsible exploration, development, and production of oil and gas reserves.
  • Core Values: Safety, Integrity, Innovation, Teamwork, and Sustainability.

Business Description

  • Revenue Generation: CTRA generates revenue primarily through the sale of crude oil, natural gas, and natural gas liquids.
  • Value Chain: CTRA operates across the entire oil and gas value chain, from exploration and production to transportation and marketing.
  • Key Partners and Suppliers: CTRA partners with various companies for drilling services, equipment, and infrastructure development.
  • Revenue Streams: Crude oil accounts for the majority of CTRA's revenue, followed by natural gas and natural gas liquids.

Industry Competition

  • Main Competitors: ExxonMobil, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, EOG Resources
  • Industry Trends: Increasing demand for oil and gas, rising energy prices, and the shift towards cleaner energy sources.

Competitive Advantage

  • Low-Cost Producer: CTRA leverages its operational efficiency and focus on cost control to maintain lower production costs than many competitors.
  • Strong Execution: CTRA boasts a proven track record of successfully executing its exploration and development plans, consistently exceeding production targets.
  • Significant Reserves: CTRA holds substantial oil and gas reserves, particularly in the prolific Permian Basin, providing a strong foundation for future growth.
  • Focus on Shareholder Returns: CTRA prioritizes returning value to shareholders through a high dividend yield and share buybacks, demonstrating a commitment to shareholder value creation.

Management Team

  • Thomas Jorden (President and CEO): Extensive experience in the oil and gas industry, including leadership roles at Devon Energy and Chesapeake Energy.
  • Thomas Jorden (CFO): Over 20 years of experience in finance and accounting, previously served as CFO at Continental Resources.
  • Other Key Executives: Experienced professionals with expertise in exploration, production, engineering, and finance.

Financial Performance

  • Revenue: $5.2 billion (+28%)
  • Net Income: $2.1 billion (+32%)
  • EPS: $4.21 (+35%)
  • Free Cash Flow: $1.8 billion (+40%)

Investment Thesis

  • High Dividend Yield: Currently 4.74%, exceeding the S&P 500 average and providing a reliable income stream.
  • Strong Dividend Growth History: CTRA has increased its dividend for 15 consecutive years, demonstrating a commitment to shareholder rewards.
  • Solid Financial Position: Low debt and ample cash flow support future dividend growth and strategic investments.
  • Growth Potential: Significant reserves and strategic focus on the Permian Basin position CTRA for future production and earnings growth.


CTRA presents a compelling investment opportunity for dividend investors seeking high yields and long-term growth potential. Its strong financial position, consistent dividend growth history, and significant reserves position the company for continued success. However, investors should acknowledge the risks associated with the energy sector, including commodity price volatility and geopolitical events. Overall, CTRA is a strong choice for investors seeking a high-yielding dividend stock with solid growth prospects.

CTRA Dividend Analysis

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Section Details

CTRA Dividend Data

Coterra Energy Inc. (CTRA) is an oil and natural gas company that has been paying dividends for many years. The annual dividend for CTRA shares is $1.00. Coterra pays quarterly dividends to shareholders.

CTRA Dividend Yield

The current dividend yield for CTRA is approximately 2.2%. This means that for every $100 invested in the company's stock, investors would receive $2.20 in dividends per year.

CTRA Dividend History

Over the past three years, Coterra's dividend has shown steady growth. The company has increased its dividend for several consecutive years. The most recent change in the company's dividend was an increase of $0.07 per share in October 2022.

CTRA Dividend Payout & Dividend Payout Ratio

The dividend payout ratio for CTRA is currently around 30% based on the trailing year of earnings. This indicates that Coterra is paying out a modest portion of its earnings as dividends, leaving room for future dividend growth.

CTRA Dividend Stability & Growth

Coterra has a track record of consistently increasing its dividends over time. The company's strong cash flow generation, efficient operations, and disciplined capital allocation have supported the stability and growth of its dividend. While the dividend yield may not be the highest in the energy sector, Coterra's commitment to returning value to shareholders through dividends and share buybacks has been a priority for the company.

CTRA Chart

CTRA Comparative Analysis

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CTRA (Coterra Energy Inc.) MRO (Marathon Oil Corporation) OXY (Occidental Petroleum Corporation)

Industry Focus

Exploration and production of oil and natural gas Exploration and production of oil and natural gas Exploration and production of oil and natural gas

Current Yield

Approximately 2.2% Approximately 1.3% Approximately 0.8%

Price-to-Earnings Ratio (P/E)

Approximately 4.9 Approximately 6.2 Approximately 5.1

Investment Strategy

Focus on low-cost, high-margin oil and gas assets, disciplined capital allocation, and shareholder returns Diversified portfolio of oil and gas assets, operational efficiency, and cost control Integrated exploration and production, midstream operations, and chemical production

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Technical Analysis

Additional Considerations: Highlighting Risks

While CTRA's dividend has been attractive, with a current yield of 3.19% and a history of growth, there are some risks and factors to consider. As an oil and gas company, CTRA's dividend payout ratio and ability to sustain dividends are heavily influenced by commodity prices and industry cycles.

A prolonged downturn in oil and gas prices could impact CTRA's earnings per share and cash flow, potentially hampering its capacity to maintain or increase dividends. Furthermore, the company's dividend yield vs. its peers may fluctuate, indicating that the broader industry environment plays a crucial role in assessing CTRA's dividend attractiveness.

CTRA's dividend data and historical dividend information suggest a track record of stability and growth, but investors should monitor factors like the upcoming dividend payment dates, the next ex-dividend date, and any changes to the dividend frequency or amount (e.g., the recent increase to $0.21 per share quarterly). While TipRanks currently has a "Buy" rating on CTRA, this metric is solely an informational indicator and does not guarantee future dividend sustainability.

It's essential to consider CTRA's dividend in the context of the company's overall financial health, growth prospects, and risk factors specific to the energy sector. Investors may want to consult with financial advisors to determine if CTRA's dividend-paying stock aligns with their investment objectives and risk tolerance.